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The Traditional Brand is associated mostly with our hand-made roof tiles that charm with their simplicity and natural finish. Creating beautiful architecture is our passion, which is why we are extending our clay products to include hand-made wood burning stoves. Each stove is unique and the co-operation between the artists and manufacturers has resulted in products of marvellous beauty. The traditional appearance and efficient heating technology have been reconstructed to the tiniest detail.
Production allows each detail of the stove to be adjusted to each client’s expectations. The investor can choose any colour, size and detail of the clay. Ceramic is combined with bronze elements and there are four classic variations in ten basic colours. Heat vents on the upper surface of the stove are cut out to resemble organic shapes reminiscent of 19th century aesthetics.
Stoves are simple to install into every kind of interior. Our manufacturer offers the whole service starting from consulting, through to design, installation, start up and stoking training. The installation process only takes a few hours.

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